Saturday, 27 June 2009

Joe's Heebie Jeebies 20: Icing with Death

And yet, life goes on.
I washed a white shirt in a bucket this morning for reasons I won't go into here. Later, I'm going to write as many strips as possible on a park bench in the shade. I'll probably have egg, beans and chips (fries - see last week's strip) for tea (dinner - ditto). And after spending more time on my strip, I'll read some more of my novel and go to bed around elevenish. Not living it up by a long shot, but living for sure. I will thank God for every second today.
Billy Connolly, probably the funniest man on the planet, on his 'Two Night Stand' tour, talked about telling a man he worked with that he had a terrible cough. The man replied, "The graveyard is full of people who would love to have this cough." (Billy Connolly's way of telling it was seriously funnier, obviously).
Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson - RIP


  1. Nice to see Mort getting in the limelight again. It's been an odd few weeks, all told. Seeing our icons pass away (even if prematurely) reminds us of our own mortality.
    The personalities of the strip's characters are really beginning to become established and I'm getting to know them well (though I've a feeling I've know most of them for a good portion of my life!?). The subtlety of the differences between the last two panels is to be applauded - the 'eyes' have it.
    Very well done and remember, it's nearly the summer break!

  2. Thanks, Dale.

    Actually, posting your comment and re-reading the strip again (always on the lookout for improvements), I've decided to live it up a little today after all. I'm going to have a donut with my cup of tea! I know - extravagant, eh?

  3. I can't imagine him getting too upset over that. Everybody licks the sprinkles on occasion!

  4. Hehe. Maybe. But I wouldn't risk it. Not with Joe's dad.

  5. Just licking off the sprinkles is a good compromise. :)

  6. Screw it...he is already a bag o bones so no threat. EAT the DOUGHNUT

  7. Great minds think alike, Bearman. Keep watching for how I've started thinking about your point.

  8. NICE - 3RD Panel in particular is quality.


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