Saturday, 9 May 2009

Joe's Heebie Jeebies 9, 10: Love is in the Air



  1. I quite like the photos myself. Sets the strip apart from most of the web comics I've seen. The photos don't detract from the drawn elements. It'll be interesting to see how the finished (wholly drawn)strip differs from this one. Keep up the great work! A violin player and a banjo player. Reminds me of some people but I can't think who!
    Anonymous Dale(I'm striving to protect my identity here).

  2. And an excellent strivist you're proving to be, Anonymous. I'm having trouble working out which Dale you are (of the two I've ever known in my whole life). You're not a Chelsea supporter, are you? :)

    The drawn version will differ only a little from the photographic one. I only wanted to use the photos as reference, but it seemed more important to meet my deadline.

  3. I like the mechanics of this comic. It's realistic, yet very psychedelic. You art and the use of the photo background made this strip look very nice. Way to knock it out the park, John!

  4. Thank you George. Always good to hear from you. I'm not such a big fan of photo backgrounds and I'll be re-doing this strip to take care of that next weekend. The actual setting will hardly change, but it won't be photographs - I just didn't have the time to do it the way I wanted.

  5. 612 visitors and rising. Looks like your strip is proving popular!
    Anonymous Dale

  6. I actually laughed at this one. Out loud, I love the joke with the idea that Joe is so in love he's in the air. Cracking.


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