Saturday, 25 April 2009

Joe's Heebie Jeebies Webcomic 5, 6: Mort


  1. Loving everything so far. When will we see Monty and Baggs? You've got me interested in graphics again you old beggar!

  2. Glad you're enjoying it, Anonynous. Monty and Baggs will be making their internet debut just as soon as the Early Heebie Jeebies, which I'm putting up at the same time as the new JHJ, have run out. So that should be around the end of August, the beginning of September.

    As for rekindling an interest in graphics, it's not my fault. If you want to re-dabble in the arcane mysteries of brush and ink, on your own head be it:) As I tell the children in my Cartoon Club - 'If you want to do a comic, do it, but don't blame me if you end up staying up drawing all night.'

  3. You run a Cartoon Club? After school? You selfish man!
    I've a good mind to report you for enthusiasm beyond the call of duty!!
    Anonymous Dale

  4. I couldn't help it. I don't know what came over me.

    And don't worry. Your secret's safe with me, Anonymous Dale.

  5. I have a secret? Hooray! For a long time I've been thinking I was totally transparent and vacuous. But... I actually have a mysterious side!
    Nice to see this blog appearing in the results from search engines.
    Anonymous Dale.
    By the way, what exactly was the secret? You can say, we're amongst friends here!

  6. Oh no. I said it was safe with me and I meant it. Your anonymity remains assured.

  7. You are really good, John! I love your art. I didn't know what to expect when I clicked over, but I am thoroughly pleased. Just these two strips make me wanna find out more about these characters. Good job!

  8. Thank you, George. You're only the second person outside of my circle of friends who's left any feedback. I hope you get a chance to get to know these characters as well as I do.

  9. Tony Lloyd <><10 May 2009 at 08:17

    John, good that you are back in contact. I didn't know that Joe's Heebie Jeebies was now in COLOUR. I am so impressed.

    Are you syndicated and finally getting paid for these comic strips ? The look VERY professional.

    The humour is spot on and crosses cultural and national barriers. Some brilliant and poignant snapshots of life !
    Tone <><
    Cardiff, Wales

    PS The comments being in yellow, makes them difficult to read on a green background.

  10. I have noticed the comments being difficult to read,Tone. But if I change the colour of the comments, all the other text on the page changes colour, too and I quite like the colour combination at the moment. Try clicking CTRL and using your scroll button - that'll make the text bigger.

    Sadly, not syndicated. I haven't even submitted them. The newspaper strip business is on its way downhill - fast. That's why I'm publlishing JHJ as a webcomic. I'm hoping to make some money from it eventually, but for the moment, I'm concentrating on getting the strip right.


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