Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Doubles Life

In Comedy, Timing is Everything

So that this can remain a webcomic site and not just another blogging site I had to get rid of the 'Queen Photo' from Wednesday. I would have just deleted the entire post were it not for the fact that my good friend George Ford from Addanac City kindly posted a comment here about my breaking my promise to update twice weekly from now on (click the 'Comments' link below if you don't believe me). Rather than lose George's comment, which I have inadvertently done before, I've just edited the post I put up on Wednesday. Which is why the date is wrong here. It is Saturday today, not Wednesday.

The Scary Bit - for me that is : )

It may have struck you while reading some of these strips that you wouldn't have done it the way I did. Or perhaps that you knew how to make some of them laugh-out-loud funny instead of just smile-bordering-on-a-chuckle funny. Well now's your chance to tell me so. I've changed the prompt question for the comments section.

I would really like to know what sucks about JHJ. Don't worry about sparing my feelings either. I can take whatever criticisms you need to get off your chest. I'm really interested in what it is about JHJ that falls short for you. And if you haven't any ideas for improvement, just let me know what it is you think I need to fix. And I'll ignore you. No, hang on. That's not it. Oh yes, sorry, I forgot - I'll try to fix it.

Improving a strip is no easy task, but I'm sure having super-critical friends will help no end.


  1. I can wait, cuz I know it's gonna be good! :)

  2. Thank you George. I really appreciate it (REALLY - I needed that little :) today)!

  3. Lol. That's great! Love the strip format.

  4. Thanks Nate. Much appreciated. Anything you'd change?

  5. Probably not very helpful but there's nothing I'd have changed - I love it as it is (and that isn't just because you're a friend).
    Now learn to take your compliments like a man and don't go looking for set backs!

    Actually John, just "joshing" you. I do understand that you really do want to produce the best strip you can (known you long enough to glean that much).

    Good health,

  6. By the way,
    I'm crazy about that second panel!

  7. I don't think it was Stan's serve. Apart from that, excellent.

  8. OK...these wimps obviously don't know how to give constructive criticism. So luckily I stop by. ha ha.

    The big thing for me was readability and you took care of that.

    Beyond that I think you need a link with a page of who the characters are. Is Stan the only one who sees his buddies? A new reader would want some basic info so they can easily catch up.

    Toon itself looks great as usual

  9. Thank you everyone.

    A very good point, Bearman. I will get a new readers page done ASAP (which won't be as soon as it sounds, actually - it's a time thing).

    But, while we're on the subject - Joe is the strip's main character, Stan is the winged one, Hugo is the pointy one and Mort is the Skeleton.

    Even though there will be a 'Character' page, I probably need to develop them more in the strip itself to make them more distinctive.

    There might be a case here for experimentation and innovation. Oh dear!

  10. John,

    I haven't been to the site for a week or so, so I hope I am not repeating comments! I am definitely struck by how much cleaner everything looks, the site and the comic. Simpler looks better.

    I am glad to see the fuzzy background gone on the strips--you do great character art and it was getting lost in the clutter. I think color done right would add something, but this is something you can experiment with and phase in. It took me quite a bit of trial-and-error to come up with a good coloring technique that didn't take me forever to do.

    As far as today's strip, I think a little more background on panel four would help, but this is nitpicking. Keep up the good work!

  11. Thank you David.

    I felt the need to fill some of that centre space, too. I should go back to it at some point, but knowing how I've not kept those promises before, I'm not going to commit to it today (I want to, though).

    As soon as I'm posting five days a week, I'm going to sort the colour out.

    What I'm really struggling with, though, is the writing. I know I can keep it at this level forever and a day, but I really want to crank it up a notch (I want you chaps to have a laugh).

    Actually, on that note, I was listening to an old episode of Webcomics Weekly with Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Kris Straub and they mentioned something that I think will help. I wonder if it will. Have to wait and see.

  12. Imaginary friends are the best friends to have! Nice strip, John. I dig the format.

  13. Awesome job keep up the good work


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